Fortune cookie with text, "You have a charming way with words and should write a book."

M. Cameron is writing a novel and short stories concerning the rise and effects of virtual culture, body-mind augmentations, and artificial general intelligence (AGI). He aims for the hard (plausible) end of the hard/soft science fiction continuum. He researches avidly and fleshes out his story concepts with credible details drawn from popular and academic science and technology sources.

Experts and laypersons argue ceaselessly about what actually is possible, in our universe at least, given known physics. The absolute speed of light in a vacuum isn’t called the ‘universal constant’ for nothing. Still, ‘fiction’ is that other half of the science fiction duo. If a story deals with what appears to be a breach of known science, it should address that breach meaningfully. Indeed, it’s in the fuzzy frontiers of knowledge sci-fi storytellers often find inspiration. For example, today’s scientific knowledge leaves some wiggle room around the notion of the ‘strange action at a distance’ inherent in the entanglement of subatomic particles, which appears to violate the light-speed limit. Any fictional speculation based on entanglement, if clinging to a hard sci-fi goal, needs to address any deviations from validated knowledge, such as the fact that entanglement fails (decoheres) when fiddled with in just about any manner by human tinkerers.


M. Cameron Harris is a writer and lifelong learner currently parked in the U.S. state of Kentucky. He grew up in the U.S. Southeastern states of Georgia and Kentucky, where he spent as much time as possible exploring the outdoors and reading classic and contemporary science fiction and adventure fiction.

He earned a BA in psychology (rats and primates!), with minors in natural sciences and philosophy, from the University of Louisville. In several phases of advanced education, he studied systems science, organizational theory, computing and information technologies, and advanced technologies for learning, earned the MS in information resources management from the Air Force Institute of Technology, and culminated his degree collecting with a PhD in computing technology in education, from Nova Southeastern University’s Systems and Engineering School.

M. Cameron has lived in the U.S. states of Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, New Mexico (21 years), Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington State, and Hawaii, as well as in Germany and South Korea. He’s learning Spanish and plays guitar for his own consternation. He loves hiking.