Things I Use

These are a few tools, services, and products I’ve found useful or enjoyable. I have tried each one and currently own or subscribe to most of them. The links may include affiliate codes that will provide me a small credit if you purchase or subscribe to an item.

Readwise.ioDo you want to recall more from the articles, books, correspondence, and other content you read? Readwise aggregates your highlights and annotations from content you read on the web, in Kindle and other ebook readers, and (grab your socks) even in physical books. Readwise can also use the proven learning technique, spaced repetition, to send you a periodic (I use daily) set of the quotes that are due for review, which can be in simple quote, fill-in-the-blank, or flash card format. This remarkable service can import from and export to an impressive number of sources and services. Put your highlighter pens on partial or full retirement. Use digital sources and tools to their full advantage to learn and remember more of what matters to you. If you use my link and subscribe, I may receive a small incentive.
Empower PersonalEmpower (formerly Personal Capital) Personal Dashboard is an excellent financial and retirement planning tool. Use the Dashboard at no cost. They will ask if you’d like to learn about Empower’s paid advisory services or to learn more about the savings account or investments, including IRAs, they offer. You can decline and continue using the Dashboard. (Disclosure: If you follow the link to the left and obtain any paid service, I will receive a small incentive ($50).