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Welcome to the Site of M. Cameron Harris, Author

M. Cameron Harris is currently writing a series of science fiction novels set in the mid-twenty-first century, a time when plutocratic oligarchies vie for control through AI-empowered corporate activities and highly refined perception-shaping technologies. The novels envision a world shaped by multiple, interacting technological, scientific, and social trends evident in the real-world today, including:

  • The ironic convergence of a seemingly miraculous technological society and increasing environmental crisis
  • Ubiquitous networked sensors and data collectors and the nearly invisible, yet persistent surveillance and behavior manipulation they allow
  • An always-connected lifestyle and its psychological and societal effects
  • Increasingly immersive augmented and virtual realities (AR and VR), that make virtual experience primary for most people
  • The co-opting and hollowing out of nation¬†states by plutocratic corporatocracies
  • New ecomomies and means of exchange
  • Increasing human migrations
  • Humanity’s early colonization of the solar system
  • The emergence of strong (general) artificial intelligence
  • The advent of high-resolution¬†mindcloning
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