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M. Cameron Harris is currently writing a series of science fiction novels and short stories set in the mid-twenty-first century, a time when plutocratic oligarchies vie for control through AI-empowered corporate activities and highly refined perception-shaping technologies. The novels envision a world shaped by multiple, interacting technological, scientific, and social trends evident in the real-world today, including:

  • The ironic convergence of a seemingly miraculous technological society and increasing environmental crisis
  • Ubiquitous networked sensors and data collectors and the nearly invisible, yet persistent surveillance and behavior manipulation they allow
  • An always-connected lifestyle and its psychological and societal effects
  • Increasingly immersive augmented and virtual realities (AR and VR), that make virtual experience primary for most people
  • The co-opting and hollowing out of nation states by plutocratic corporatocracies
  • New economies and means of exchange
  • Increasing human migrations
  • Humanity’s early colonization of the solar system
  • The emergence of strong (general) artificial intelligence
  • High-fidelity mind cloning

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  1. I’m not sure how to help. My site currently contains only basic information about me as an author. You should be able to see the landing (home) page and links at the top for a couple of other pages.

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